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Official opening: 28.10.2016
Users: 6688
Investors: 5926
Users Online: 65
Invested: $6519294.6
Paid: $4730572.71
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Payment Systems



General rules and definitions

1 Futurly LTD Company is an officially registered and legal construction and financial activities.
1.1 The investor may be any person over 18 years of age, a citizen of any country whose legislation does not contradict the terms of the agreement.
1.2 Cash invested in Futurly LTD must be legitimate and justified origin. Private investment can be their own, borrowed or attracted from third parties for profit.

2 In accordance with the terms of this Agreement investor invests cash with the help of on-line services for profit in the performance of investment and commercial activities.
2.1 Futurly LTD administers the investor's assets, ensuring the implementation of projects, to make a profit and the preservation of capital.
2.2 The investor can open only one account in the investment company. The amount of deposits is determined by the terms of co-operation and can be unlimited.
2.3 Activating your account automatically confirms the acceptance of these terms and conditions of the Investor Agreement on Cooperation.
2.4 The Investor has the opportunity to close the owl account by contacting support and not to use the possibility of cooperation with the company.
2.5 The possibility of using electronic banking and payment systems are defined by the needs and the need for investment activities.
2.6 Deposit accounts in the system is possible only by making funds in your account through the service.
2.7 Lack of access to the site because of possible technical malfunctions hosting companies serving our site does not affect the calculation of income and the implementation of requests for withdrawal of funds investor.
2.8 Blocking, lack of access, the suspension of operation and other disadvantages associated with the work used electronic payment systems, investor takes over in full. The Company is not responsible for the operation of payment systems.Operation Companies.

3 Futurly LTD is open Monday to Friday - from 8.00 to 21.00 (GMT + 1). Operation during the holidays is published on the website in advance. On weekends, the service desk can exercise its functions only in part.
3.1 Payment processing and incoming correspondence is carried out on working days according to the schedule of the company. On weekends and holidays operational office is not working.
3.2 Transfer of the first return on investment of the Investor occurs 24 hours after deposit.
3.3 Payment Processing withdrawal is carried out on working days within 24 hours of receipt of the application.
3.4 The Commission on the withdrawal of funds paid by the sender according to the rules and tariffs used by the payment system. An investor may request the withdrawal of the amount within the balance of their domestic bills. Minimum conclusion - $ 0.4.

Rights and obligations
The investor is committed to:
- Ensure that their investment activities undertaken by the laws of the country, the jurisdiction of which he is subject.
- Do not use unfair methods of advertising to promote its activity in order to obtain compensation.
- To carry out investment activities in the amount and manner prescribed by this Agreement and the rules of cooperation.
- Provides control of transactions from your account. In case of errors, inconsistencies, suspicion of outside interference of third parties or account hacking - immediately inform the on-line service.

P. R. Investment shall:
- To carry out the payment of profits and remuneration to the investor in accordance with this Agreement and the terms of investment plans in force in the company.
- Provide the necessary assistance to the Investor pursuant to this Agreement, in the exercise of investment activities.
- Provide technical and information support of on-line service.
- Maintain confidentiality of the transaction between the investor and Futurly LTD, unless otherwise provided by applicable law.
- To ensure safety and security of investment funds transferred to the investor.
- Perform all payments executed in accordance with the rules of this agreement.
- Timely inform investors of any circumstances that may hinder the fulfillment of obligations under this Agreement.

The investor has the right to:
- To carry out investment activities in conjunction with the Futurly LTD for profit.
- To make a profit on the investment and partnership remuneration in accordance with the terms and conditions of the company.
- Close the account and a personal account for personal requirements at any time.
- Receive the necessary technical support and information when working with the on-line service from specialists.
- Seek to address those. Support in connection with the occurrence of any questions or problems.
- Use advertising and information products to attract partners.
- Produce promotional and information activities among partners and potential investors, without distorting the facts and the truth of the information about the company.

The procedure for amendment and termination of the Agreement
4 This Agreement may be terminated by mutual agreement. At the time of termination of this Agreement made full settlement of obligations, unless otherwise provided in this Agreement and applicable law.
4.1 The terms of this Agreement may be amended at the request of the company unilaterally. Any amendments replace or annul the previous conditions in force until the amendment in full or in part, can not contradict each other.
4.2 The Investor accepts all changes and additions to this Agreement, upon notice, if you continue to use the services of the Company. In case of failure to adopt such amendments, the Investor is entitled to reject them by closing the account and personal account.

Duration of the Agreement
5 This Agreement shall enter into force upon the registration and activation of the Investor personal account on the site, making them investment funds or receive payments to your account.
5.1 The term of this Agreement lasts until the fulfillment of all obligations between investors and Futurly LTD or until withdrawing its investment funds from the company, followed by the closure of the account and a personal account of the Investor.
5.2 PR Investment Company is not liable for any damage or loss of data due to force majeure circumstances, which are beyond the control of the company.

Other conditions
6 Adoption of the Investor of this Agreement is to activate the personal account of the company Futurly LTD

360 days
4% per day
Minimum amount: $10.00+7% Bonus to deposit
Maximum amount: $299.00
The term of the deposit: 360 days
Percentage of the day: 4%
Payouts days: Monday-Friday
Total revenue: 1440%

40 days
5% per day
Minimum amount: $300.00+19% Bonus to deposit
Maximum amount: $499.00
The term of the deposit: 40 days
Percentage of the day: 5%
Payouts days: Monday-Friday
Total revenue: 200%

35 days
6% per day
Minimum amount: $500.00+28% Bonus to deposit
Maximum amount: $50000.00
The term of the deposit: 35 days
Percentage of the day: 6%
Payouts days: Monday-Friday
Total revenue: 210%

In 15 days
Minimum amount: $25.00+18% Bonus to deposit
Maximum amount: $50000.00
The term of the deposit: 15 days
Total revenue: 940%

In 7 days
Minimum amount: $50.00+15% Bonus to deposit
Maximum amount: $50000.00
The term of the deposit: 7 days
Total revenue: 840%

In 2 days
Minimum amount: $100.00+12% Bonus to deposit
Maximum amount: $50000.00
The term of the deposit: 2 days
Total revenue: 340%